Field of Dreams - Kosta Leontarakis Professor David Floyd...

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Kosta Leontarakis Professor David Floyd English 1011-110 9/10/06 (Revised 12/1/06) Hero for a Day It was a cold and windy spring morning. Darkness suffocated the sky. All I could hear was the loud, irritated wind banging on the glass window of my room. My radio was playing very low; it was on my favorite rap station, Hot 97.1. I was anxious that Saturday morning to finally step foot on the hallowed diamond. I hear a vociferous knock at my door. I panicked and wondered if the knock was the wind or if it was just someone at my door. I jumped from my bed nervous, excited, and confused all at the same time. It was just my father telling me to get up for my baseball game. I was so eager, but not too pleased to awake at 7am. My father said, “Hurry up and get dressed.” I got up and prepared myself for the game. When I got outside, everything was blurry and extremely foggy. It appeared as if I were moving through a smoke screen. My father had to assist me to get in the car because I was so tired. As we were driving there, I became sort of drowsy and worn out. The trip to Stabeaus field was approximately fifteen minutes from my house. It felt as if the ride was a second long. When we arrived to the field, all my negative emotions went away. I got out of the car and walked onto the muddy field.
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Field of Dreams - Kosta Leontarakis Professor David Floyd...

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