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Exercise 2.3 - consequently interesting. It is so crazy,...

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Exercise 2.3 October 25, 2005 Writing the Essay: Science 11:00-12:15 Fascinating Aspect It’s amazing how a man like Dr. P could be able to live his life without a normal functioning of the visual parts of his brain. Not only was Dr. P able to live a life, but he was also able to be a great music teacher at a music school. The story of Dr. P, narrated by Oliver Sacks, the neurologist that studied Dr. P, is a unique case that probably only happens occasionally. Sacks was fortunate to be a part of this case and be able to write a short story about it. Extraordinary and odd cases like Dr. P’s are sometimes heard of but are never made into a story. Upon first reading this story, one may think that this account was a made up case, but it actually is in fact a true story. This is what makes this story
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Unformatted text preview: consequently interesting. It is so crazy, that it is hard to believe. The fact that a man who literally thought his wife was a hat tells enough about his illness. He couldnt even put on his own shoe because he thought his foot was shoe. Extremely odd incidents like these make this story so memorable. If the case of Dr. P was just an everyday disorder such as attention deficit disorder or depression, then the story would probably have never been made into a story. Sacks decided to make this case into a story because he thought it was something that would interest readers. He succeeded in entertaining his audience. Not only does the story seem unbelievable, but it is something that readers will think about long after they have finished reading it....
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