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Kosta Leontarakis Professor Floyd English 1011-110 10/22/06 Stop Pulling the Trigger, Start Saving Lives It was a normal day at Columbine High School. Students came for another day of learning. The birds were chirping, the busses were pulling into the front of the school. The bell rang and students were hustling to class. Once the bell rang, silence fell upon the whole campus. School is known as a safe haven for students, but for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, it was known as a place for murder and pure sadistic killing. The question, “How could this happen,” ran through my head almost 100 times upon hearing of the incident. A similar gory and murderous story involving the abuse of the use of guns occurred in the states of Virginia and Maryland. Two men with sniper rifles terrorized the streets of these states for 22 days. In this time period, 14 shots were fired and 10 were left dead. These were no doubt a couple of the more sick and horrific murder stories in our lifetimes. It is very clear that the government must take action and come up with a good plan in order to stop these types of incidents from reoccurring. The rampage started at 11:21am, with black trench coats and masks covering their face. Shooting guns first in the cafeteria to anyone whom was an athlete or a different race or color. Then they proceeded by going into the hallways screaming racial slurs and planting homemade bombs to explode even after the shooting was over. Students ran outside for their lives to when the SWAT team came four hours after the 911 call from the school. Students were escaping through windows to be safe from the bullets firing through the school. The two gunmen were asking anyone if they were “jokes” to stand up and to be shot right in the head. Other students
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ran into room, filling the classroom up to escape. Students with their cell phones were calling their parents and the police. The shots stopped firing when Eric and Dylan rushed into the library killing several people and went on committing suicide, which ended the shootings at 3:30. How did these kids get these guns? On October 4, 2002 in Silver Springs, Maryland, law enforcement agents went on the search for a sniper who the police believe to have randomly chosen 5 people to kill. Each person killed with a single shot. The victims were a taxi driver at a gas station, a landscaper mowing the lawn, a woman at a post office, another woman who was vacuuming out her vehicle, and the last
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New Essay - Kosta Leontarakis Professor Floyd English...

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