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essay - Treaties were signed and barbarians received land...

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Trad View- civilization overrun by barbarian hordes. In West, Dark Ages commence with the glories of antiquity not to be rediscovered until Ren. William Robertson in 1770 said: less than a century after conquest, almost all the effects of the knowledge and and civility was gone. Arts of elegance, arts of use. **200-800 Late Antiquity. Peter Brown. Eastern Europe did not fall til 1453. Continuities in patterns of landownership. Local elites were maintained and survived and kept power after the “fall” **Invasions- Revisionist view was long term patterns of migration, interaction. Didn’t want to destroy roman institutions but be apart of them.
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Unformatted text preview: Treaties were signed and barbarians received land peacefully. Theodoric the Ostrogoth recruited scholars and came up with If bar rulers sought to uphold Roman cultural normalities through their acts and patronage, what does this say about the fall of rome. **Bryan Ward Perkins- archaeological proof that standard of living decreased. Pottery and building tiles were looked at. Tiled roofs were less popular. Bones of livestock shrunk. Downward spiral in agricultural production. Churches were smaller. Coins decreased big time, and became de-monetized. Casual literacy declined majorly....
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