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CHAPTER 10 Environmental Issues 0Purpose and Perspective In this chapter, we explore the concept of the natural environment in the context of strategic social responsibility in today’s complex business environment. First, we define the natural environment and explore some of the significant environmental issues that businesses and society face. These issues include air pollution, global warming, water pollution and water quantity, land pollution, waste management, deforestation, urban sprawl, biodiversity, and genetically modified foods. Next, we consider the impact of government environmental policy and regulation on business and examine how some companies are going beyond these laws to address environmental issues and act in an environmentally responsible manner. Finally, we highlight a strategic approach to environmental issues, including risk management and strategic audits. 0Lecture Outline I0. Global Environmental Issues0 A0. We define the natural environment as the physical world, including all biological entities, as well as the interaction among nature and individuals, organizations, and business strategies. B0. Atmospheric Issues0 10. Air pollution is defined as discharged gases and particulates that can be carried long distances by surface winds, or can linger on the surface for days if geographic conditions permit. 20. Acid rain has contributed to the deaths of forests and causes damage to automobiles and buildings. 30. During the twentieth century, the burning of fossil fuels accelerated dramatically, increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere, warming the planet. This is commonly referred to as global warming .0 a0. Chlorofluorocarbons—from refrigerants, coolants, and aerosol cans—also harm the earth’s ozone layer, which filters out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light. b0. The theory of global warming has been rather controversial, and some scientists continue to dispute its existence. c0. The Kyoto Protocol is a controversial treaty proposed among industrialized nations to slow global warming. C0. Water Issues0 10. Water pollution results from the dumping of raw sewage and toxic chemicals into rivers and oceans, from oil and gasoline spills, and from the burial of industrial wastes in the ground where they may filter into underground water supplies. 20.
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CHAPTER_10 - CHAPTER 10 Environmental Issues Purpose and...

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