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CHAPTER 9 Community Relations and Strategic Philanthropy 0Purpose and Perspective In this chapter, we explore community stakeholders and how organizations deal with stakeholder needs through philanthropic initiatives. We explore the relationship with communities and the economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities that must be addressed by business. We also demonstrate how companies can link strategic philanthropy with economic, legal, and ethical concerns for the benefit of all stakeholders. 0Lecture Outline I0. Community Stakeholders0 A0. We define community as those members of society who are aware of, concerned, or in some way affected by the operations and output of an organization. Because community is difficult to define and delineate, it does not always receive the same level of acceptance as other stakeholders. B0. Through employment opportunities, economic development, and financial contributions for education, health, the arts, and recreational activities, a firm may become a neighbor of choice , an organization that builds and sustains trust with the community. C0. The relationship between a business and the community should be symbiotic. 0 10. A business may support educational opportunities in the community because the owners feel it is the right thing to do, but it also helps develop the human resources and consumer skills necessary to operate the business. D0. Companies may invest in community relations , the organizational function dedicated to building and maintaining relationships and trust with the community.0 10. Today, community relations activities have achieved greater prominence and responsibility within most companies. 20. Important community relations issues include education, job training and development, health care, crime, and substance abuse. 30. In a diverse society, there is no general agreement as to what constitutes the ideal model of responsibility to the community.0 a0. Therefore, the community relations function should work with various internal and external constituents to understand community needs and develop community mission statements. II0. 0Responsibilities to the Community0 A0. Economic Issues0 10. Business is absolutely vital to a community from an economic perspective.0 a0. A new company not only brings jobs but also new technology, related businesses, improvements to infrastructure, and other positive factors. b0. Interactions with suppliers and other vendors also stimulate the economy. c0. Furthermore, there is often a contagion effect when one business moves into an area. By virtue of its prestige or business relationships, such a move can signal to other firms that the area is a viable and attractive place for others to locate. 20.
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CHAPTER_9 - CHAPTER 9 Community Relations and Strategic...

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