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CHAPTER 8 Consumer Relations 0Purpose and Perspective From a social responsibility perspective, the key challenge is how an organization responds, reconciles differences, strives for better relationships, achieves mutual understanding, and finds solutions for problems with stakeholders. In this chapter, we explore relationships with a critical stakeholder—consumers. Although consumers have many different types of relationships and interactions with organizations, they have expectations of the economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities that must be addressed by business. 0Lecture Outline I0. Consumer Stakeholders Consumers are those individuals who purchase, use, and dispose of products for personal and household use. II0. Responsibilities to Consumers0 A0. Economic Issues0 10. Consumers are primary stakeholders because their awareness, purchase, use, and repurchase of products are vital to a company’s existence. 20. A firm’s economic responsibilities depend on interactions with consumers and include following through on promises made in the exchange process. 30. Consumers do not always act as a fair participant in the exchange. 0 a0. Consumer fraud involves intentional deception (shoplifting, collusion, duplicity, and guile) to derive an unfair economic advantage over an organization. b0. These consumer acts can be very difficult to prove, and many companies are reluctant to accuse patrons of a crime when there is no way of verifying it. 40. There are cases where buyers and sellers disagree on whether or how well companies have satisfied their economic responsibilities. B0. Legal Issues 10. Legal issues with respect to consumers in the United States primarily fall under the domain of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). a0.
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CHAPTER_8 - CHAPTER 8 Consumer Relations Purpose and...

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