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Will Dodd Response Writing: Felix the Cat, Sinking of the Lusitania, Ghost in the Shell Most viewers would probably not consider the cinematic techniques and strategies that are used in most films would be used in animated movies. When taking a closer look however, it is surprising how much animated films do use many of the same cinematic techniques and strategies used in films with live actors. Animators in movies are able to use many cinematic techniques when creating their drawings, especially since there are no outside elements to influence what will be shown. For example, weather, or sunlight, or outside noise will not affect the film because the animator creates everything himself. The animator can control the types of shots used by drawing either close ups, medium shots or full shots, or eye level shots. There were many different types of shots used in Ghost in the Shell . For example, the heroine was drawn from many different angles mostly from low angles to show her superiority. Her enemies were also drawn from low angles to imply the threat they posed to her. The shots used in Felix the Cat , and Sinking of the Lusitania were mainly full shots or eye level shots. One of the most effective techniques an animator can use to express his vision in film is color. Since the color is drawn in, an animator simply has to color in his pictures to express what mood he is trying to show. The color takes the place of lighting.
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felix the cat paper - Will Dodd Response Writing: Felix the...

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