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Will Dodd Response Writing: Hotel Rwanda When looking at what makes a film enjoyable, effective, or moving, there are a number of things about the film that can have an impact on the viewer. Writing is a very important factor that contributes to how a viewer feels about a film. The writing could be the writing of the script , which is what the actors of the film say, or the screenplay , which is what the camera and actors do during the film. Sometimes writing is used as more of a guideline of what will happen during the film and how it will be filmed. Much of this depends on what the director chooses to do with the writing. Some directors even write the movies they direct, so they have total control of the film. The 2004 film Hotel Rwanda was directed by Terry George, written by Keir Pearson and Terry George, and stars Don Cheadle. The writing of the film, Hotel Rwanda , is effective in a number of ways which will be discussed . Hotel Rwanda is a very powerful film that tells the true story of a man who saved
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