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Will Dodd Response Writing: The Matrix One of the most critical elements to a film is its story . It might actually be the most critical element. If there is no story to the film, then what is it even about? Another important element of a film is who narrates it. Depending on the type of film and what the film is trying to accomplish, the director may choose from a number of different narrating styles. Often times, especially in films that make the viewer think, a voice over narrator is not used and the film narrates itself through action. The 1999 film The Matrix , which was written and directed by the Wachowski brothers, is a film which uses the action and content of the story act as the narrator. It is a formalistic film, since it is a science fiction/ action film about how the world we live in today is all one big computerized hoax. That is the story of the film. The plot on the other hand, is how the story is told, or the structure the director uses in telling the story. Although the
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