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What is Learning? ~ A Permanent Change in Behavior - Behavior = behavior, attitudes, emotional reactions, etc.) ~ Is learning important? ~ Three Fundamental Ways of Learning - Classical (or Pavlovian) Conditioning o Learning to associate two events o US: Unconditioned Stimulus o UR: Unconditioned Response o CS: Conditioned Stimulus o CR: Conditioned Response o Ex. US (Food) UR (Salvation) Then… Bell Sound/food salivation (Neutral)/ (US) (UR) Eventually…. Bell sound alone elicits salivation o Learning appears to be relatively permanent - Operant Conditioning o Operant Learning o Instrumental Conditioning o Instrumental Learning o Positive Reinforcement
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Unformatted text preview: Perform an action and someone responds in a certain way Reinforcing a behavior o Negative Reinforcement Get rid of an unpleasant stimulus o Punishment Teach someone a lesson Punish by withholding reinforcement, take away privileges, physical harm o Schedules of Reinforcement Continuous reinforcement Fixed ratio (fixed # of responses) Variable ratio (var. ratio of resp.) Fixed interval (fixed amt. of time) Variable interval (var. amt. time) o Shaping Reinforcing small behaviors leading to the “overall” behavior o...
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