Psych 9/25 - Conjunctive(same direction •...

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SENSATION AND PERCEPTION Sensations…. - Sense Organs o Eyes Cornea (window) Aqueous Humor Cleanse and nourish the cornea Pupil Iris Gives eye color Lens Accommodates light = focusing on objects Problems? o Cataracts – lens becomes cloudy and blocks vision o Lens looses flexibility Vitreous Humor Problems (myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness)) Retina Contains rods and cones (receptor cells) Rods (dim conditions) Cones (color, light, visual activity) o Fovea- highest concentration of cones Blind spot (optic nerve location) Eye Muscles (six) Four rectus muscles Two oblique muscles Three Eye Movements
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Unformatted text preview: Conjunctive (same direction) • Vergence (opposite directions) o Two types Convergence (when they come together) Divergence (when they move away from each other) • Tortion o Works best in animals, not humans Cues for Depth Perception • Oculomotor cues o “accommodation” lense adjusts its thickness o vergence • Visual Cues o Binocular cues Retinal disparity • Monocular Cues o Motion Parallax o Interposition o Size o Perspective o Ears o Nose o Tongue o Skin -Sensory Receptor Cells-Stimulating the Cells-Interpreting and “making sense” out of “sensations”...
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Psych 9/25 - Conjunctive(same direction •...

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