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Psych Notes 9/6/07 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY ~ Sociology is studying groups of people ~ Social psychology focuses on how individuals behave in the presence of groups ~ Attribution Theory - Attribute a cause to a behavior or “event” - Why do we find the need to explain someone’s behavior? ~ Types of attributions - Situational Attribution - Dispositional Attribution o Something that affects the person - Fundamental Attribution Error o Making ‘dispositional’ attributions (…ignoring ‘situational’ causes) - Self-serving bias o Making either type of attribution, depending on whichever one is “convenient” - Self-handicapping - Purposely creating “situational excuse” to attribute behavior to
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Unformatted text preview: - Just-Word Hypothesis- We want to believe “life is fair”- “So we make dispositional attributions for others’ misfortunes ~ Stereotypes-Negative stereotypes-Positive stereotypes o Asians are good at math o African Americans can run fast-Neutral stereotypes-Stereotypes are a generalization of a group of people-Not always inaccurate-Problems with stereotypes o Accentuate differences between groups o Underestimate within-group differences o “Selective perception”-Attitudes/Beliefs o Reinforced Indirectly (osmosis) o Directly o Rationally Data are explored All sides are considered Conscious decision is made o...
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