Newt%20and%20Nukes%20Assignment%20#2 Final Draft

Newt%20and%20Nukes%20Assignment%20#2 Final Draft - When the...

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When the pearl industry begins to decline due to a deteriorating number of pearls in the legal fishing ports in the islands of Tana Masa, Sumatra, Sunda, and many others, most pearl fishermen call it quits, but that’s not the case for “Captain van Toch of the Dutch ship Kandong Bandoeng” (11). He is the type of captain that seeks more shells and will go anywhere to find them, even if this means putting his own life, along with the lives of his crew on the line to do so(13). Captain van Toch is an irritable, arrogant, and racist sea captain putting all other races below himself, stating things like, “those damned Jews at the top” (10-11). Upon arrival to “Devil Bay” on what is believed to be an illegal pearl-fishing trip, Captain van Toch and his crew discover a rare species of sea creature believed to be “sea devils” by the Bataks who inhabit the island (15). After spending a little time with these creatures through lengthy interactions at night since “the creatures only come to shore at night”, van Toch begins to discover that “the creatures are unlike any he has seen through his travels” (32). This is where van Toch discovers
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Newt%20and%20Nukes%20Assignment%20#2 Final Draft - When the...

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