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8/28/07 Psychology Test in 2 weeks ~ Correlational Method - if two variables are related or correlated - e.g. IQs and GPAs o huge correlation between IQ and GPA o huge correlation between number of churches and number of bar/clubs in a city ~ Experimental Method - Independent Variable (Alcohol Consumption) - Dependent Variable (Driving Ability) Exp. Group (Alcohol) -------------- (Driving Test) Subjects------ Control Group (No Alcohol) -------------- (Driving Test) o Driving Ability is the number of cones knocked over while driving.
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Unformatted text preview: The higher the number of cones knocked down, the worse the driving ability. ~ Experiments should be double blind studies ~ Survey Method-Are subjects honest?-Are subjects in touch with their true feelings/thoughts?-Memory problems-Sampling bias-Wording of questions can induce desired answers ~ Case Studies (one subject at a time)-get rich detailed information about subject-time consuming/expensive/inconvenient-questionable generalizabilty...
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