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psych 9/20/07 - -Elizabeth Loftus o Experiment showing...

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MEMORY Is our memory “reliable”? Yes, memory is fairly reliable, but… Highly susceptible to distortion… Three Examples - Jean Piaget o Staged theory about how we think o Had live-in nanny Fought to save him from kidnapping when in a park Gold encrusted pocket watch as reward Says kidnapping never happen, it was a lie because they were late Jean believed the story even after hearing that it was a lie, he swears it happens and can remember it
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Unformatted text preview: -Elizabeth Loftus o Experiment showing slide show with cars speeding past/crashing into other vehicles o Questions include false information o Students get questions wrong-McMartin Preschool o Mother calls and says that her child has been sexually assaulted by one of the McMartin’s o Mother contacted other parents whose children are at the preschool and tells them about the sexual assault...
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