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Psych notes: States of consciousness I) Dreams A) Why do we dream? 1) No one knows 2) 2 schools of thought though (a) Dreaming allows us to review the days activities (b) Freudian View (i) Dreams are symbolic (ii) Wish fulfillment (iii) Suppressed fears II) Psychoactive (or psychotropic) drugs A) Stimulants (stimulate CNS) B)
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Unformatted text preview: B) Depressants (depress CNS) 1) Alcohol 2) Tranquilizers C) Opiates (relieve “pain”) 1) Opium 2) Heroin 3) Pain pills D) “Psychedelic” drugs (conscious-altering) 1) Weed 2) Shrooms III) Alcohol A) Alcohol is “stimulating” B) Enhances pleasure C) Increases sexual performance...
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