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north by northwest response paper - Will Dodd Response...

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Will Dodd Response Writing: North by Northwest Acting and sound effects certainly have an effect on the films they are used in. The director can use both conventions to further express their ideas onto the big screen. A good example of a film in which the acting and sound/sound effects were used to the advantage of the director is North by Northwest . North by Northwest was directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock in 1959 and stars Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint. Alfred Hitchcock knew very well that Grant and Saint, combined with the very apparent sound effects and score, would fit his movie perfectly. Acting is quite complicated. Some believe that it is the actors that make the movies what they are, while others, especially those in the movie business themselves, believe that the actors are just tools of the director to get his message across. Hitchcock was a well-known advocate of the star system . He would make sure his movies had big name stars in the leading roles. Some critiques criticized Hitchcock for this, arguing that he simply casted the stars to promote his movies and did not take full advantage of their acting capabilities. In Hitchcock’s defense, he was also known for taking advantage of many important cinematic techniques of film such as angles, pans and zooms, suspense,
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north by northwest response paper - Will Dodd Response...

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