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Science Lesson Plan #4 - stars/constellations but without a...

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Sara Green Lesson Plan #4 Subject: Earth and Space Science Grade: 4 Content: Photographs of the night sky will be handed out; each student must identify all major stars and constellations in the photo. Prerequisites: Students must have an understanding of celestial bodies, as well as know the main types of stars and the classification system accordingly. Instructional Objectives: The student will identify and diagram the sun as an average-sized star in relation to the entire sky, and understand the concept of light travel. Instructional Procedure: Introduction- Place glow in the dark stars around the room before the lesson, turn off the lights and have the students write down what they are seeing. (2-3min) Introduce the star lesson as a small part of the universe as a whole Middle- Students will be given a photograph of the night sky and with the aid of textbooks they will identify all the major stars and constellations. (10-15min) At the end of the week, they will be given the same photograph and will again identify all the
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Unformatted text preview: stars/constellations but without a textbook to help. (15-20min) Students will be graded on the number of correctly identified items. Closure- Wrap up this lesson, by explaining the concept of light years, which we will be the next lesson to be covered Materials and Equipment:-photographs of night sky, one per student-answer key to constellation/star names Assessment/Evaluation: Along with the assessment at the end of the week from the photograph, have students write a news article on stars and constellations. Make sure to include information learned in class, and also information from other sources. Follow Up Activities: Have Students observe the night sky for three to four days, create an observation journal and note any significant changes in the sky. Through this the students will begin to learn more about the orbits of the planets and how it relates to stars....
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