Science Lesson Plan #10

Science Lesson Plan #10 - Sara Green Lesson Plan#10 Subject...

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Sara Green Lesson Plan #10 Subject: Earth and Space Science Grade: 4 Content: Students will discover the world of dinosaurs, they will explore different theories and investigate the process in which paleontologist use when they discover a dinosaur Prerequisites: Students should have a basic understanding of dinosaurs, and the three major periods in which dinosaurs existed. Instructional Objectives: Students should be able to explain that scientists have theories about what dinosaurs were like but that they don’t really know for sure. They should also describe how evidence is used to try to determine what a dinosaur looked like and how it behaved and use evidence to support a theory about dinosaurs Instructional Procedure: Introduction- Explain to students that they are going to learn about how scientists use evidence left by the dinosaurs to tell what dinosaurs looked like and how they behaved. Let students know that they will be trying to decide some things about dinosaurs from what dinosaurs left behind. Middle- Ask the members of the class to raise their hands if they have ever seen a re-creation of a dinosaur in a movie or on television. Ask them to name some movies in
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Science Lesson Plan #10 - Sara Green Lesson Plan#10 Subject...

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