COM L 123 Assignment 6 - The many different selections that...

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The many different selections that were chosen this semester in COM L 123 all deal with important aspects of the city. Each selection adds its own twist on an already viewed aspect or adds a completely new one. Such aspects like love, lust, hatred, deception, depression, death, corruption, chaos, signs, and desire. The book, Miss Lonelyhearts, by Nathaniel West, and the movie choices, Blade Runner and M show how the city and its inhabitants influence many of these aspects on the characters in these selections. The aspects that are shared in these selections are lust, desire, corruption, chaos, death, and hatred. The main characters in each selection are driven to a point of insanity by a select few of these aspects; desire, chaos, hatred, and corruption, which ultimately leads to their fates, punishment by law or worse, DEATH! The first place we see the affects of these aspects is in the reading of Miss Lonelyhearts . Miss Lonelyhearts is a “young New England Puritan look-a-like” (3) columnist for the New- York Post Dispatch. He has a question and answer column where distraught, “sick-of-it-all” (2) readers write him long, personal stories about their lives seeking advice. This is where we see Miss Lonelyhearts’ display of desire in the book. Throughout the story, he spends most of his time worrying about what answers to give these readers. He knows that the only true answer to give them is to turn to Christ, but his job contradicts this belief. Not being able to tell the heartbroken readers to turn to Christ leaves Miss Lonelyhearts uneasy, only suggesting ways to escape reality and the truth. His continuous desire throughout the book to give his readers the answers that they need that could potentially save their lives leads to his depression and somewhat twisted and senseless ways of answering his writers’ questions. Miss Lonelyheart’s boss, Shrike, is one of the main causes of the chaos in his life. Shrike
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COM L 123 Assignment 6 - The many different selections that...

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