Lesson Plan#3

Lesson Plan#3 - Closure-Have the students discuss what they...

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Sara Green Lesson Plan #3 Subject: Earth and Space Science Grade: 4 Content: Students will identify different types of pollution, where it comes from, and what can be done to prevent it. Prerequisites: Students should know what pollution is, they should also know what recycling is and how it can benefit our world. Instructional Objectives: the student will identify and investigate environmental issues and potential solutions. Instructional Procedure: Introduction- take a “sample” garbage collection from your home or classroom. Show the students the materials that are/aren’t recycleable. Talk about pollution as the the new topic in class. (5-7min) Middle- Break students into groups, inform them to pick a different type of pollution. (3-5min) Let students research the topic using the media center or books (15- 20min) Then have the groups create posters to display in the classroom and around the school with potential solutions to the pollution topic they chose ( 10-15min)
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Unformatted text preview: Closure-Have the students discuss what they learned. Share interesting facts and ways to reduce pollution (2-4min) Have students write a “minute paper” about what they learned and what they would like more information on (1-2min) Materials and Equipment:-white tagboard-markers, rulers, etc-access to media center Assessment/Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on their ability to work in a group cooperatively, as well as the over all presentation of their poster. They will also be assessed on the information gathered and displayed on their poster. As an incentive, after one poster of completed and check by the teacher, students have the opportunity to create a second poster for extra credit. Follow Up Activities: Have students create their own recycling plan for at their house. Also, have each student think of five items that would normally be thrown away, then create a list of ways the item could be re-used....
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Lesson Plan#3 - Closure-Have the students discuss what they...

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