Science Lesson Plan #6

Science Lesson Plan #6 - books and hand outs(10-15min Each...

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Sara Green Lesson Plan #6 Subject: Earth and Space Science Grade: 4 Content: Students should be able to recognize and name the different biomes that are found around the world. Including temperate forest, tropical rainforest, and tundra. They should also know the plant and animal life that inhabit that area. Prerequisites: Students should be able to locate the different the biomes on a map. They should also understand that there may be more that one biome in a certain area. They should already have basic materials to make their diorama. Instructional Objectives: The student interpret and use their knowledge about the different biome to create a diorama depicting their assigned region. Instructional Procedure: Introduction- Assign students into pairs, have them discuss and choose one of the biome zones. Give each group a handout with the basic information for their selected biome. (3-5min) Middle- While one partner is getting all the necessary supplies, the other should be starting the search for information. Students can use the library/media center, text
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Unformatted text preview: books, and hand outs. (10-15min) Each group needs to display the climate, plant and animal life, and any other interesting facts. (15-20) Closure- Wrap up the lesson, by having the students clean up their materials and place their dioramas on a back counter. (2-5min) Have each group share one thing they learned in their search for information. (2-3min) Materials and Equipment:-art supplies (glue, glitter, markers, crayons, etc)-hand out for each biome (enough for all groups)-Extra shoe boxes (for diorama background)-Extra books that cover the different biomes Assessment/Evaluation: Students will be graded on their biome diorama as well as their group cooperation. Each partner will evaluate the other on their effort put into the project. This grade will be worth 15% of their total grade. Follow Up Activities: Students will create a group of four by joining with another pair that had the same biome. Through this group, a 10-15min presentation will be given....
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Science Lesson Plan #6 - books and hand outs(10-15min Each...

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