Science Lesson Plan#8

Science Lesson Plan#8 - information to be shared with the...

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Sara Green Lesson Plan #8 Subject: Earth and Space Science Grade: 4 Content: Students will have the opportunity to visit a conservatory. While there they will demonstrate how they would use a telescope. Prerequisites: Students should already know and understand the concept and workings of a telescope. They should also know how to distinguish stars, planets, and other objects when looking at the night sky. Instructional Objectives: The student will demonstrate the ability to use telescopes to magnify distant objects and increase the number of stars we can see. Instructional Procedure: Introduction- Invite students into the conservatory, explaining the rules that must be followed, as well as what they should learn from this fieldtrip. (5-7min) Middle- Have students break into groups of three to explore the conservatory area where you are located. Having them make logs of stars and their locations is the solar system. Have them research the different parts of the conservatory, and prepare
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Unformatted text preview: information to be shared with the class. (15-20min)While the rest of the class is gathering information, take students aside to a model telescope. Each student will demonstrate their knowledge of a telescope to the teacher, showing the different parts and how they would adjust it based on what they are looking at. (10-15min) Closure- Gather all the students together, and wrap up the field trip. Have students gather all their information together. (5-7min) Materials and Equipment:-Telescope (model or real)-field trip to conservatory/planetarium-information worksheets with required material Assessment/Evaluation: Students will be assessed on the content of their worksheets of information from the field trip. The presentations will be evaluated by their peers but not graded. Follow Up Activities: Have students research information on a single star, that is not the sun. Have this information available for next class period...
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Science Lesson Plan#8 - information to be shared with the...

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