ALS 101 Assignment 3

ALS 101 Assignment 3 - Summer internships in college can...

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Summer internships in college can sometimes play a crucial role in getting jobs after graduation. Some colleges even require students to do one or two internships in order to even be allowed to graduate. I believe that internships are very useful tools if used correctly. They allow students to get out into the field they are studying to test it out and they allow the student to make the important decision on if they want to stay with the major and pursue a career in that field or switch majors and pursue something else. On my search for internship information I stopped by the ALS Career Development Office in Roberts Hall to find what the many possibilities for internships are and what would work out best for me in my major. The first thing I did was look for summer internships close to home so I searched for possibilities in Missouri. There were only a select few even offered in my state; USDA Student Career Experience Program, and an internship at The Saint Louis ZOO. After researching about the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) I decided that I am not the least bit interested in this option. I have no desire for working in the food industry whatsoever but it did look extremely interesting for someone who wanted to pursue their career in the field of Agriculture. On the other hand, The Saint Louis Zoo internship would
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ALS 101 Assignment 3 - Summer internships in college can...

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