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6 short answers Exam 1 - specific example for how each...

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SPE 22 Spring 2008 Short Answer Questions for Exam I 1. In your own words, provide a one-sentence definition of each of the 6 principles of IDEA (zero reject, nondiscriminatory evaluation, appropriate education, least restriction environment, procedural due process, and parental and student participation) 2. Briefly contrast what is meant by” inclusion through accommodations” and “inclusion through restructuring,” as noted in the text. 3. Define the four (4) aspects of the culture (as noted in the text) and provide a
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Unformatted text preview: specific example for how each aspect may affect the learning/teaching activities in the schools. 4. Offer some reasons why even today there remains a disproportionate representation of minority groups in special education. 5. Outline, with specific examples, the four factors that demonstrate a high level of interaction in families. 6. In one to two paragraphs, contrast the inclusionary criteria with the exclusionary criteria of learning disabilities. Provide some examples under each criterion....
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