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SPE 222 Spring 2008 EXAM III Six Short Answer Questions 1. Briefly contrast early views of the cause(s) of autism with more contemporary beliefs. 2. Briefly compare and contrast the needs of students with physical disabilities with those with other health impairments. Suggest reasons why these two categories were presented together in this chapter, yet they were also presented separately. 3. List and then briefly describe at least four testing accommodations for students with physical disabilities. Provide a rationale for each accommodation you mention. 4. List and then briefly describe three symptoms of a possible mild head injury. In
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Unformatted text preview: other words, what might teachers or parents look for before referring a child for a possible mild head injury? 5. Explain the importance of early assessment and early detection of hearing loss. 6. Briefly describe the roles and responsibilities of the orientation and mobility spet. 7. Choose four of Gardner's "types" of intelligence that you feel are your strengths. Briefly describe each of these four types of intelligence with illustrations from your own life....
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