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JP Seral October 17, 2007 APES 5 th 1. Weather is the short-term properties of the troposphere at a particular place and time. 2. Climate s a region’s general pattern of atmospheric or weather conditions. Average Temperature and average precipitation are two main factors. 3. The five factors that affect global air circulation are uneven heating of the earth’s surface, seasonal changes in temperature and precipitation, Long-term variations in the amount of solar energy, and properties of air and water. Earth’s tilt 4. The oceans affect regional climates by the cold and warm ocean currents, which are driven by the winds and the earth’s rotation, redistribute heat. That region would be subartic. 5. An upwelling is cold, nutrient rich bottom water. They are important because they bring plant nutrients from the deeper part of the ocean and support large populations of phytoplankton, zooplankton, fish, and seabirds. 6.
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