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Badiou response

Badiou response - Catherine Bixler Sid Littlefield Ethics...

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Catherine Bixler Sid Littlefield Ethics and Society 5 December 2007 Behind The Scarfed Law, There Is Fear. In this article, Alain Badiou mainly discusses the Scarfed Law. This law is a law that was passed by “a few likeable Republican men and women,” that bans headscarves from being worn by adolescent women in schools or public places. Badiou adamantly disagrees with this law, and I support his arguments in this essay whole-heartedly. His arguments are edgy, and ones I had not thought of before. His arguments do not focus on the religious aspect of this conflict, but rather the SOCIAL aspect of it. One of the things that Badiou said in his article that really stuck out to me pertained to the covering of girls’ heads with headscarves. In a world where it is becoming more and more socially acceptable for girls to show more and more parts of their bodies, Badiou (and I) find it ironic that these girls wearing headscarves are being asked to show more of themselves.
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