Chapter 10 Essential Questions

Chapter 10 Essential Questions - JP Seral December 9, 2007...

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JP Seral December 9, 2007 APES 5 th Unit 5 Terms: Core: Earth’s most inner zone. Very hot and made out of iron. Crust: The outermost and thinnest zone and underlies the continents. Earthquakes: Stresses on earth’s crust cause it to deform until it ruptures. Flood: Excess of water damaging big areas. Igneous Rock: Formed from cooled molten rock. Magma: Molten rock beneath the earth’s surface. Mantle: Zone of the earth’s interior between its core and its crust. Metamorphic Rock: Formed from submitting rock to high temperatures, pressures, or both. Mineral: Elements or compounds that have a definite composition and crystal structure. Soil Profile: Cross-sectional view of the horizons in a soil. Humus: Decomposing organic matter. Leaching: Process in which various chemicals in upper layer of soil are dissolved and carried to lower layers, and in some cases, to groundwater. Soil Porosity: Percentage of space in rock or soil occupied by voids, whether the voids are isolated or connected. Loam: Soils containing a mixture of clay, sand, silt, and humus. Good for growing crops. Salinization: Accumulation of salts in soil that can eventually make the soil unable to support plant growth. Conservation-tillage farming: Crop cultivation in which the soil is disturbed little (minimum-tillage farming) or not at all (no-till farming) to reduce soil erosion Contour Farming: A conservation-based method of farming in which all farming operations. Alley Cropping: Under this technique hedgerows of leguminous trees are grown
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Chapter 10 Essential Questions - JP Seral December 9, 2007...

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