GEOGstudyguide - Study Guide for Geography 2412 Midterm,...

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Study Guide for Geography 2412 Midterm, Spring 2008 To help you study I have put together an outline of what has been covered in class so far, week by week. It should be used as a guide for you to review your lecture notes. Your textbook ( Essential Environments ) also has some good study questions at the end of each chapter in a section called, “Testing your Comprehension’. In each section below, where reading from the text was used, I list the questions most appropriate for you to look at in preparation for the exam (listed as TC). You should review these questions as you study. You should also refer back to the keywords given in each lecture and make sure you know what they mean and how they relate to the material covered either in class, in your reading, or both. Week 1-2 The Basics: Environmental Systems and Human-Environment Relations; Different perspectives on environmental change TC Questions (Chpt 1, p. 21): # 6-9; Chpt 2, p. 46: # 6, 7. What does Lambin mean when he discusses optimists and pessimists ? (know some of the characteristics) Environmental Ethics : What does this mean? What are the differences between the biocentric , ecocentric , and anthropocentric viewpoints? Who are good examples of each? o What is the difference between conservation and preservation ? Who are the key people associated with each? o What is the land ethic? Know the following people and their role in the history of American Conservation: John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson. US Environmental Policy: What were the different waves of environmentalism in American History and how were they different (including the potential new wave as discussed in class) o NEPA, EPA o Why does U.S. environmental policy matter?
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GEOGstudyguide - Study Guide for Geography 2412 Midterm,...

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