Masami Teraoka The Artist of the Past and Present

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Mone 1 Trevor Mone Dr. J. Roberson Art History 270 October 4, 2007 Masami Teraoka The Artist of the Past and Present Masami Teraoka’s exhibit shows his skill in painting both in past styles and in modern techniques. The exhibit is organized in a stylistically thematic fashion, which makes it easy to notice the unique subtleties in each piece of art. These characteristics are implied in the information about Masami Teraoka, which we received at the entrance. The information presented to us is helpful in understanding what his motivation is, while creating each piece. His art is fantastically absurd. It is especially interesting how he combines styles from the past and
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Unformatted text preview: present. You can see this in the way he uses text and in the elements in his pieces. Several of them had harsh and dramatic images. In some works he emphasized the foreground by having many people in it and by using detailed lines to show texture. Another characteristic of his work, which is amazing, is the use of personification. You could see this in several of the pieces with fish as the main focus of the picture. These subtleties are what make his work very interesting and captivating....
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