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Religion in Rome - This tells the reader that the Roman...

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Mone 1 Trevor Mone Dr. J. Abbott History 201 February 26, 2008 Religion in Rome Religion was important to the emperors of Rome because it could be used to explain their power and rightness. Andrea wrights, “In 27 B.C.E. the Senate accorded him the title Augustus implying he possessed divine authority” (Andrea 131 i). This quote informs the reader that emperors were portrayed as gods to support their own personal power and the power of the senate. This relates to the Barberini Ivory because it symbolizes, “Roman society consistently perceived its emperors as embodiments of the might of Roman sacred authority and of the divinely ordained destiny that Virgil had celebrated in the Aeneid ” (Andrea 214 i). Andrea also writes about Caesar Augustus as a god, “This is Caesar Augustus, son of god, who shall again establish a Golden Age in Latium amid the fields where Saturn once ruled” (Andrea 133 31).
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Unformatted text preview: This tells the reader that the Roman emperors used religion to make them appear to be as powerful as a god. She goes on to say, “When they confessed the God of the universe and Christ, Firmilianus, who had been sent there as a governor in the place of Urbanus, directed, in accordance with the imperial command, that they should be maimed by burning the sinews of the ankles of their left feet, and that their right eyes with the eyelids and pupils should first be cut out, and then destroyed by hot irons to the very roots” (Andrea 211 37). Andrea is telling us that the Roman emperors relied on their religion to the point at which anyone who recognizes any Mone 2 other god could bring down the government if their beliefs spread. This is the importance of religion to the emperors of Rome....
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