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A Good Argument - use jargon you will need to explain what...

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Mone 1 Trevor Mone Dr. S. Shipley English 101 October 28, 2007 A Good Argument There are several factors of writing which make a good argument. One is the use of outside resources to support your position. This is helpful because it shows that you are not the only person who shares your opinion on a specific topic. Another part of writing that makes a good argument is the application of higher diction. Higher diction means that you use some words or phrases that are either full of jargon or that talk in a very direct assertive manner. If you
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Unformatted text preview: use jargon you will need to explain what it means using better known words. One other factor of writing which is needed to make a good argument is a good hook and thesis statement. This is important in a good argument because if you do not have an interesting hook then the reader will start off thinking that your argument is boring and not thought provoking. If you have a weak thesis statement the reader will not know what exactly your argument is. These are the components of a good argument....
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