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Fenn's Ambiguous Article

Fenn's Ambiguous Article - Mone 1 Trevor Mone Dr Jolly...

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Mone 1 Trevor Mone Dr. Jolly History 251 February 21, 2008 Fenn’s Ambiguous Article Fenn’s Article is full of Ambiguity through the uncertainness in which she shows her evidence. She shows ambiguity by writing, “By June 16, then, from sources unknown, smallpox had established itself at Fort Pitt” (Going to the Source 75). The way she says that there is an unknown source makes the reader unsure whether she is saying a rumor or accusation. This tells the reader that she has proof but she does not tell us the context of where she found this proof. That leads the reader to wonder if she is making assumptions of where the sources originated. She also writes, “It is conceivable, of course, that when Fort Pitt personnel gave infected articles to their Delaware visitors on June 24, 1763, they acted on some earlier communication from Amherst that does not survive today” (Going to the Source 77). The fact that this document does not survive today shows that she is claiming this as a fact when it is probably a rumor. This quote
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