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Bio Notes - -Third, how is this interaction...

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Biology 4/9/08 Chapter 30 Skeletal Muscles - 30.7 Skeletal Muscles - Function: contraction, generate heat - Antagonistic pairs of muscles produce movement - About 700 skeletal muscles produce movement - Connected to bones by tendons - What is skeletal muscle made of? - 30.8 Strucuture of skeletal muscle - Muscle tissue o Made of bundles of muscle fibers - Muscle fiber o A single muscle cell o Inside, bundle of myofibrils - Myofibril o Long cable of protein filaments o Made of repeating units called sarcomeres - Sarcomere o Muscle’s contractile apparatus o What is it? o How does it contract? - 30.8 Structure - Light band and Z line o Thin filaments o Anchored in Z line. - Dark band o Thick filaments and thin filaments, interspersed. - How does a sarcomere contract? - The sliding filament model - 30.9 Thin filaments slide across thin filaments - First, what are these filaments made of? - Second, how do these filaments interact with each other?
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Unformatted text preview: -Third, how is this interaction regulated?-First, what are these filaments made of?-Thick filament o Made of a protein called myosin o A long chain with double heads-Thin filaments o Made of a protein called actin o Each red sphere is an actin protein o Pearls on a string-Second, how do these filaments interact?-Myosin heads interact with actin o Deatch-extend-attach-pull-repeat-Step 1: ATP binds to myosin head, causes release from actin-Step 2: ATP hydrolysis extends myosin head-Step 3: Myosin head attaches to actin-Step 4: Power stroke slides thin filament toward the center-Third, how is this interaction regulat-Muscle Fibers o Use lots of ATP o What do cells use to make ATP? -Many mitochondria-Glucose is stored in muscle cells as glycogen-Oxygen is stored in muscle cells Muscle Disease-Muscle dystrophy-d-d-d-d-d-d-...
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Bio Notes - -Third, how is this interaction...

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