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Bio Notes - Goals for Chapter 28c Nervous system By the end...

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Goals for Chapter 28c – Nervous system By the end of this chapter, you should be able to: 28.1 Describe subdivisions of the nervous system. Describe the three types of neurons found in the nervous system, their location and function. - Subdivisions of nervous system: Central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS). CNS consists of the brain and in vertebrates, the spinal cord. In the PNS, it is made up of nerves that carry signals into and out of CNS. Nerve is a cable-like bundle of neuron extensions tightly wrapped in connective tissue. In addition, the PNS has ganglia, clusters of neuron cell bodies. - Nervous system has three interconnected functions o Sensory input: the conduction of signals from sensory receptors, such as light- detecting cells of the eye, to integration centers. o Integration is the interpretation of the sensory signals and the formulation of responses. o Motor output is the conduction of signals from the integration centers to effector cells, such as muscle cells or gland cells, which perform the body’s responses. - 3 types of neurons: Sensory neurons, Interneurons, Motor neurons o Sensory neurons: convey signals (info) from sensory receptors into the CNS. o Interneurons: located entirely within the CNS. They integrate data and then relay appropriate signals to other interneurons or to motor neurons. o Motor neurons: convey signals from CNS to effector cells. 28.11 Describe the general structure of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Brain - Master control center, includes homeostatic centers that keep the body functioning smoothly; sensory centers that integrate data from sense organs; and in humans, centers of emotion and intellect. The brain also sends out motor commands to muscles. -
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Bio Notes - Goals for Chapter 28c Nervous system By the end...

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