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ANTH 222 essay - The final date for topic approval is March...

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ANTH 222: Legal Anthropology Assignment description, 5 – 7 page essay. Ronald Niezen Winter 2008 Choose on of the two following options for your choice of topic: 1. Using Ronald Niezen’s The Origins of Indigenism , discuss the key ways that the instruments, processes and institutions of global law are connected to “the politics of identity,” especially in encouraging more ambitious goals of self-determination in indigenous communities worldwide. 2. Using Sally Engle Merry’s Human Rights and Gender Violence, discuss the significant ways that action against violence toward women brings out tensions between global law, the bureaucracies and policies of states, and the ideals and practices of “local cultures.” 3. In preparation for defining your own topic for the 5 – 7 page paper, prepare a 100- word abstract (summary) of the topic of your own choosing, with a (short) list of the references you intend to use, to be approved by your TA or Prof. Niezen.
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Unformatted text preview: The final date for topic approval is March 3. The essay assignment is to be 5 – 7 pages, double spaced, with standard margins and 12-point Times New Roman font (or something closely similar). You may use any standard style of citation you prefer, but must use only one method. You must include a separate list of references (not included in the page count), even if you use only one source. If you are unsure of proper citation methods, you should consult the Chicago Manual of Style . The essay is due March 28, in class. The essay will be evaluated according to the following criteria, as outlined in the course syllabus: “style (grammar, spelling, etc.), clarity of exposition, organization, understanding of the material, and original critical engagement with the material. Any assignment submitted after it is due, without a documented excuse, will be subject to a grade deduction of 5% per day.”...
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