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Chavone Taylor Social Psychology Professor Dade Exam 5 1. (Blank) occurs when groups of individuals who do not fit their stereotype are thought of as "exceptions to the rule" B. subgrouping 4. We are more prone to ingroup biases when our group is (blank) and (blank) relative to the outgroup. C. small; high in status 6. Jeremy's belief that earthquake victims are being punished by God for their own sins best illustrates. B. the just-world phenomenon 8. The phrase "they are all alike, but we are diverse" reflects B. the outgroup homogeneity effect 11. Although Marcia says she is not prejudiced against Blacks, she votes against interviewing a job applicant with an African name for a flimsy reason. She is exhibiting what some social science reseearchers call B. automatic processing 13. Elena's boss told her that she is being let go due to company downsizing. Later that day when she gets home, she is critical of her girlfriend's choice of restaurant for dinner. What term
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Unformatted text preview: best describes Elena's behavior? D. authoritarian regression 17. Within U.S. subcultures, A. cities and areas populated by southern have a higher White homicide rates than those populated by northerners. 18. Which statement regarding aggression is TRUE? C. alcohol enhances aggressiveness 22. "Watching violence on television gives people a harmless opportunity to vent their aggression." This statement is most clearly consistent with the (blank) hypothesis. B. catharsis 24. Your boss told you that she is giving you a 5% raise starting with your next paycheck. You are very pleased to hear this good news until you learn that some of your coworkers earned a 10% raise. Now you are unhappy and angry about your raise. Your experience is best explained in terms of B. the relative deprivation principle 27. Cold, calculated mob murders can be classified as C. instrumental aggression...
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