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Questions – Cultures 1. What is the concept of 'naive realism'? Naive realism is the almost universal belief that all people define the real world of objects, events and living creatures in pretty much the same way. 2. Give an example of tacit knowledge? Tacit knowledge is a subconscious way of understanding other cultures and how they interpret each other. Example, if a western American man talks at a different spatial distance than a Latin man with a closer spatial distance than the American; will believe the Latin man is making an emotional gesture. Subconsciously we tend to move away from an uncomfortable situation and we interpret other cultures normality’s to be something totally different. 3. What is the first premise of symbolic interactionism? The first premise of symbolic interactionism is that “human beings act toward things on the basis of the meanings that the things have for them”. So everyone has a different meaning for objects, locations, types of people, movements, and behaviours. Individuals from different cultures have a different view on certain things than individuals from another culture. September 25 th , 2007 LEE EATING CHRISTMAS 1. What is the point of the Kung behavior described? The point of the Kung behavior is that no man should be given higher statues than any other Bushman. By always degrading the work of each other than everyone will keep a level head. If they make one person feel really good about a kill that person may believe he is better than everyone else in the tribe. The Bushman’s approach keeps the tribe equal STERK FIELDWORK ON PROSTITUTION 1. How do the women gain a sense of control over their lives? They gain a sense of control over their lives by trying to make sense of their situation and not making the situation seem too bad. 2. What ethical dilemma did Sterk face?
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Sterk is put into a situation which is ethically wrong. She was asked to become a prostitute, watch STD’s, and she could not do anything but remove herself from the situation. GMELCH LESSONS FROM THE FIELD 1. What were the students' changing ideas on materialism? The students’ believed before going to Barbados that they were just middle class citizens. When going to Barbados they found out that they were very lucky to have what they had. The Barbados citizens not having very much, we’re also very happy with what little they had. The students then realized that money and materialistic possessions were not the keys to their happiness. 2. How did the students violate status distinctions? I believe the students’ violated the status distinctions by not staying within their sex roles such as: men do their jobs, women do their jobs. Also, women dating certain man in the village; the white student dating a “beach bum”. Students then would have to take on the role of the local an citizens. October 2
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Questions - Questions Cultures 1. What is the concept of...

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