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23 Class Summary - Created by Marcus Allen 1/23 CLASS...

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Created by Marcus Allen 1/23 CLASS SUMMARY Lecture Downs (the first half of class) The first topic of discussion during class was individual rationality . There are three parts to this idea. First, it assumes that we know our preference. Second, that we all have common sense (which infers that we weigh costs and benefits). And third, that we aren’t normally erratic. Downs also mentions that the when we speak of utility, we mean someone’s usefulness and/or how happy someone is with something. Another point of discussion was on the monotonic preference curve . Downs assumes that all individuals have these (can be seen in Figure 1). The idea behind the monotonic preference curve is that one is happiest at one’s own bliss point . As one moves away from the bliss point, one becomes less happy. The monotonic preference curve, in particular, can be and is applied to political parties and campaigns. Individual Preference Curve (FIGURE 1) Downs Question 1. Why do some societies have two parties and others have more? Downs explains that there are two reasons for this. One involves the voting rule and the other the political context (or preference distribution of voters). The voting rule is simply the rule used to determine the outcome of voting. Downs states that there are two types of voting rules: plurality and proportional voting. Plurality voting is that idea that one simply needs more votes than anyone else (in other words, winner takes all). Proportional voting is when one gets votes in a legislative body based on how many votes one gets in the electorate. The
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23 Class Summary - Created by Marcus Allen 1/23 CLASS...

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