Class Summary (Riker)

Class Summary (Riker) - Kyle Linhares HNRS.302.0008 Week...

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Kyle Linhares HNRS.302.0008 Week Six Summary: Riker Class began with a brief overview of the author of The Strategy of Rhetoric ; William Riker was an ingenious, creative (that is to say, rather quirky) political scientist of the first order. His exploits include a detailed accounting of all the costs associated with the gifts in “The Twelve Day of Christmas.” The discussion then progressed to the Midterm to be held during the first half of this week’s class. The questions will be short answer and theory-based, although there will most likely be some level of choice or ability to ignore certain questions. Next we came to the meat of the matter; why Riker’s work is important. The determination is that Riker was looking for concrete laws or rules that apply to political situations in a more scientific manner than the loose, trial-and-error way politics is usually conducted. Riker wanted to find good solid political theories that hold in a majority of situations, and can thus be used to predict or control future outcomes. Riker does not believe that he will necessarily prove any of these theories based on one case study (of the Ratification debate in the early United States), but he suspects that he may come across generalizations that others may investigate further and develop into coherent, full-blown theories. We then proceeded to a discussion of sincere versus strategic reasoning. In sincere reasoning, the appeals presented to the public by the elites are actually based on those elites’
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Class Summary (Riker) - Kyle Linhares HNRS.302.0008 Week...

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