FINAL CONCERT REPORT - entire concert to another by...

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Elliott Herrin MUSIC Concert Report December 7, 2007 For my final concert report, I chose to attend the Alabama Choir School’s annual Christmas concert. I used to be in choir, so I knew I would enjoy attending a choir concert, something I have very rarely been able to do. I did indeed enjoy it, and I was very surprised at how amazingly talented this group of choristers were. I knew that some of them were very young, and so I didn’t expect them to be very good. However, they proved me wrong. One of the things that made this concert really stand out in my mind was the variety of songs which the choristers performed. The pieces ranged from very easy pieces for the younger groups to the more difficult pieces for the older groups. And the older group took the
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Unformatted text preview: entire concert to another by performing not only traditional Christmas song, but songs of jubilation from other cultures (I believe the piece I’m am referring to is “African Alleluia”. Also, the use of more easy going new carols, such as the song about Gods Airplane and the soulful song about Mary were well chosen and suited the groups which sang them. By far the best moment of the concert was the audience participation moment. This occurred when one of the choirs was singing some kind of Jewish Song, and the director turns around and asked the audience to clap on certain beats. I think the audience really enjoyed “being a part” of the show. It defiantly added to the atmosphere of the concert, which was overall enjoyable....
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FINAL CONCERT REPORT - entire concert to another by...

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