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chapter 1 aae - 3 Why would it be a good idea to...

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Chavone Taylor 1/15/08 African American Experience Chapter 1 1. What were the reasons stated which Africa being lagged behind in the march of human progress? (p.g.4) Africa lagged behind in human progress because Europeans maimed its economic and cultural limb and denied it the natural right to independence. 2. What are the 3 racial experiences of American historical existence? (p.g.4) The 3 racial experience of American historical existence are the Native American, the Africans and the Europeans.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Why would it be a good idea to incorporate African- American studies in the curriculum of K-12 educational systems? (p.g.5) African- American studies should be incorporated in the curriculum of K-12 educational systems because it would be a healthy development because schoolchildren would learn from an early age that African Americans were a key factor in the economic and social growth of the United States....
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