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chapter 2 aae - integrity 3 How does a small part of the...

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Chavone Taylor 1/22/08 African American Experience Chapter 2 1. What thread is running through the introductory anecdotal rambling? (p.g.8) The thread is the African/American connection, an intercontinental relationship between Africans and American the Slave Trade. 2. Why would Baldwin never agree that African Americans are originally from Africa? (p.g.10) Baldwin would never agree because he has to much intelligence and
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Unformatted text preview: integrity. 3. How does a small part of the story The Odyssey pertain to African Americans? (p.g.9) The part in the Odyssey where Odysseus gets away from the Cyclops by telling him that his name was Noman so that when the Cyclops called for help his neighbors did not come. This pertain to African Americans because they their adversary do not know their real names which puts the adversary at risk....
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