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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Cognitive Topics in Psychology...

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Chapter 12 Cognitive Topics in Psychology Introduction The focus of cognitive approaches is the differences in the way people think o In personalizing cognition a person relates a scene to his or her personal life o In objectifying cognition a person recalls facts about a scene Cognition is a general term referring to awareness and thinking, as well as to specific mental acts such as perceiving, attending to, interpreting, remembering, believing, and anticipating o All these mental behaviors add up to what is called information processing Transformation of sensory input into mental representations and the manipulation of such representations o The first level of cognition is perception The process of imposing order on the information our sense organs take in Differences in what people see may be related to their personalities o The second level is interpretation Making sense of and explaining various events in the world o The third level is a person’s conscious goals The standards people develop for evaluating themselves and others Personality Revealed Through Perception Field Dependence Herman Witkin studied differences in perceptual style o Called this field dependence versus field independence His first book was titled Personality Through Perception , and this title captures the idea that personality can be revealed through differences in how people perceive their environment o Devised the
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Cognitive Topics in Psychology...

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