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Music 397 - 2007 - Syllabus

Music 397 - 2007 - Syllabus - 30 Final project(Ableton Live...

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Music 397 Creating Music in the Digital Age Spring 2007 Tuesday and Thursday, 12:20-3:20PM Terry Vosbein Graham Spice [email protected] [email protected] Wilson Hall 4031 Wilson Hall 4015 telephone x8851 telephone x8273 Office hours by appointment Texts Thomas E. Randolph and Vincent A. Leonard, Jr.: FINALE: An Easy Guide to Music Notation . John Von Seggern: Ableton Live 6 Power . Grades Daily assignments 30% Mid-term project (Finale)
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Unformatted text preview: 30% Final project (Ableton Live) 30% Class participation 10% Projects There will be a two projects, one utilizing Finale and the other with Ableton Live. Each project must include a typed detailed description of the planning and execution process. Daily assignments Assignments must be turned in by the start of each class. Late assignments will be accepted at a lowered grade. Useful websites www.finalemusic.com www.ableton.com...
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