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MUSIC 397 – schedule spring 2007 April 24 FINALE Introduction to Finale and Ableton Live Overview of FINALE features Chapters 1-4 26 Metatools, HyperScribe, Playback Chapters 5-8 May 1 Layers, Templates, Playback part 2 Chapter 10, “Template Addendum” PDF 3 Rhythm sections, Large ensembles, Score layout Chapters 11-13 8 Part extraction, Advanced features, Composer tools “Part Extraction Addendum” PDF 10 Import/export Presentation of projects Chapter 14 15 ABLETON LIVE
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Unformatted text preview: Overview Improvising With Loops Chapters 1-4 17 Audio Clips Recording Audio and Improvising With Loops Chapters 5-6 22 MIDI Clips Playing Software Instruments and Creating Beats Chapters 7, 9, 11, 12 24 Effects and Racks Recycling Loops and Remixing Live Chapters 8, 10 29 Playing, Recording and Mixing Editing Arrangements and Using Automation Chapters 5, 13 31 Prove It Presentation of projects Chapters 5, 12-14...
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