Reef Aquarium Observations

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Reef Aquarium Observations I. Survey of Habitat and Organisms 1. The physical environment of the tank was typical of a tropical setting. The temperature of the tank was about 26 degrees Celsius. The water was not especially clean but not especially dirty; it was about average. Everything looked sort of purplish. Inputs to the system include a bit of salt in the water (noted in class), air was pumped into the water, the water was heated, and food was periodically added to the tank. Each of these inputs were performed to ensure the similarity to the organisms’ usual tropical habitat. Light was also added for photosynthesis. 2. See attached page on back. II. Synthesis Purple algae, of the
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Unformatted text preview: Porphyra genus, Rhodophyceae class, and Rhodophyta phylum, were an intriguing organism in the tank. It is a pinkish, purple color and covered just about everything, but mainly the rocks and corals. At first glance, the purple algae dont really look like a common perception of algae. It just looked like everything was of a purple shade. That is because the purple algae isnt that long (and some things were dyed). Phylum Rhodophyta typically have chlorophyll a and phycoerythrin pigments. They store starch, cellulose and CaCO 3 in their call walls. Purple algae play a huge role in reef ecology. It serves in the building role by helping the corals bond together....
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