Putnam Summary Paper

Putnam Summary Paper - Altruism, Volunteering, Philanthropy...

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Altruism, Volunteering, Philanthropy and Society After the 1960s, social capital in America began to decline. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it fluctuated a bit, or just stopped declining in general. However, it seems that this decline in social capital continues to progress, and it is unknown when this progression will cease. Changes in social capital has affected so many things including political participation, civic participation, religious participation, connections in the workplace, informal social connections, reciprocity, honesty, and trust. The most disturbing trend in civic engagement is, however, the decline in altruism, volunteering and philanthropy. It seems that altruism, volunteering, and philanthropy is becoming quite rare these days. It is so important to have much altruism, volunteering, philanthropy in the world. It seems that people are generally selfish these days, coming up with excuses as to why they can even donate a few moments of time for a better cause than television. Social capital used to be a folkway in the American society, and acts of altruism just aren’t one of society’s main values now. If only they could see how many lives can be changed by a simple act of altruism. There are so many benefits, not only for the ones receiving the service, but also for those performing that wonderful act of service. Those involved in an act of altruism, volunteering, or philanthropy initially establish more formal relationships , and if the person performing these acts is not doing it just because of a status they would like to gain, but doing it because they sincerely want to help others, then those formal relationship flourish into informal relationships . Because of this overall decline in social capital, and in turn, the decline in altruism, volunteers, and philanthropy many other things have been affected negatively as well, like education, children’s welfare, health,
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Putnam Summary Paper - Altruism, Volunteering, Philanthropy...

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